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Performance Set


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These are the reasons Calisso is the most sought-after kitchen knife brand in Germany:

Unique design
  • Each knife is unique - no two handles are the same
  • Exclusive designer piece for your kitchen - a real eye-catcher
  • Perfect gift - engraving of your choice with high-quality gift box
  • Incredible sharpness due to grinding angle of (other manufacturers use 16°)
  • 89 layers of damask steel ensure particularly long-lasting sharpness
  • Optimally balanced for an incomparable cutting feel

Maximum Performance.

The Performance Set is suitable for chosen kitchen professionals and those who would like to become one. The Chai Dao, the Chinese all-rounder, with its slightly curved blade shape and extraordinary blade sharpness, is an essential part of any professional kitchen. Our chef's knife, meanwhile, is a true all-round genius, with a long blade that lets you get the most out of every cooking experience. The ergonomic design of both all-rounders ensures comfortable handling at all times, making even extensive cooking sessions a pleasure.

1x Chef Knife
1x Chai Dao

This is where the Performance Set shines:

  • The most important knives for maximum results in the kitchen
  • Wafer thin slices due to particularly flat grinding angle of 15°
  • Durable and stable, as the steel has been heat treated under vacuum to the highest standards
  • Master every imaginable cutting technique
  • Lies perfectly and securely in the hand even during longer cooking sessions
  • Best cutting result due to the flat grinding of the blade on both sides

The perfect visual complement for your kitchen.

This makes Aristocratic Line unique:

  • The hammered blade not only looks stunning, but also ensures that the cut material falls off the blade easily and does not get stuck. This makes for a unique cutting experience and saves time.
  • The distinctive mother-of-pearl ring made of abalone shell and the strictly selected desert ironwood ensure an exceptional look.
  • Each knife is unique. The Damascus grain and the unique structure of the abalone shell are different in each knife.
  • The notches in the handle nestle into every hand and ensure comfort and safe handling, even during longer cooking sessions.
  • Optimal cutting results for left- and right-handers, due to the flat grinding of the blade on both sides and the universal handle.
  • The Aristocratic Line is durable and stable from the core to the outside, as the steel has been treated to the highest standards under vacuum at 1100 °C. Therefore, this blade has a high degree of hardness of 61 ± 1 HRC.
  • The blade maintains its sharpness for a particularly long time because each knife is quenched at -180 °C.

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With a kitchen knife from Calisso, you have the perfect gift for any occasion. Whether it's a birthday, wedding or moving house, everyone can use a sharp knife.
  • Personal message on the wooden gift box
  • Engrave initials of the presentee on the handle
  • Certificate for the recipient
  • Lovely packaging
  • Exciting unboxing process
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Calisso damascus knives are characterized by superior quality and a distinctive cutting experience.

Blade material

89 layers of Damascus steel 

Handle material

Rare abalone shell paired with selected desert ironwood

Hardness grade

61 ± 1 HRC


Flat grinding on both sides, suitable for left and right handers

Long-term corrosion resistance is provided by the finishing of the knives. Nevertheless, our camellia oil will improve blade protection. This also makes it easier to remove food residues.

Not suitable for chopping bones.
Not dishwasher safe.

Read the care instructions here

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